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Core Session Management

Elite AAA

Elite AAA Overview


A robust AAA server is a preliminary requirement to propel the growth that comes with the launch of new services and an increasing subscriber base. Authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) are business-critical functions within Service Provider networks. They're key to improving the subscriber experience and essential to supporting data services growth and new opportunities in fixed-mobile convergence. Service Providers need a flexible underlying access control infrastructure that provides carrier-grade performance and scalability, enabling them to take full advantage of these opportunities — across multiple networks simultaneously.

Elite AAA(Authentication Authorization and Accounting) is the answer to the aggressive and ever-growing access control, service delivery, and accounting requirements of carriers, service providers, and wireless operators. Be it wireless or Wireline Internet access, outsourced remote access, managed VPNs, broadband, VoIP or any combination of services, Elite AAA centrally manages the authentication of your subscribers, authorizes them for appropriate level of service, and ensures reliable accounting of their usage.

EliteAAA active mediation can integrate with 3rd party rating & PPS (Prepaid server) for real time credit control & real time accounting. Active Mediation also supports Diameter (DCCA), Parlay, EJB and Radius protocol for interfacing with 3rd party systems.

Elite AAA in a nutshell

Ubiquitous AAA - for multiple networks 3G, WiMAX, GSM/CDMA, Wi-fi, Dialup/Broadband, IMS and VoIP with centralize subscriber database and policy management.
Single-platform solution-for multiple networks with common policy and subscriber profile repository.
Support of multiple business models- allowing service providers to define and manage subscriber policies and profiles centrally.
Performance- More than 2000 Transaction per second per service instance on a suitable hardware.
Scalability and Reliability - Carrier grade scalable up to 1 million to 15 million subscriber base.
Interoperability - Broad multi-vendor support and integration with north bound and south bound interfaces.
Standard Compliance - 3GPP / 3GPP2 Compliant & Enriched AAA RFC Compliance, Femto AAA, WiMAX NWG 1.5 Compliant, ATCA Compliance and Diameter support
Elite AAA Architecture
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Core Session Management
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