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Core Session Management
eliteaaa for 3G Networks
EliteAAA enables service providers to offer new mobile voice and data services over wireless IP access networks. EliteAAA Server provides an interface for passing subscriber information from the IP network to the SIM-based authentication information stored in the HLR/Authentication Center (AuC), AAA centrally manages the authentication of subscribers, authorizes them for appropriate level of service, and ensures reliable accounting of their usage, talks to different network elements, it collects information from different VAS providers and passes it to upstream billing system to generate a single bill. AAA centrally manages different subscriber policies and profiles for different VAS Services from different VAS Provider.
Key Features
3GPP & 3GPP2 Compliant
IMSI based authentication
IAI Attribute
Complaint to IPv6
Radius & Diameter support as per 3GPP
Any Vendor Specific attribute can be incorporated with in AAA
Distributed architecture and a single access point for entities
Seamless Integration with IN for prepaid
Huawei IN, Comverse IN, Sitronics IN
Seamless Integration with Mediation for Postpaid
Multiple CDR formats supported
Supported Protocls: Diameter (DCCA), RADIUS
Supports RAN Network – through its RAN AAA thereby provides access to both Circuit switched (CS) and Packet switched (PS) core networks.
Easily Integrate with Existing IN System and 3G/NGN/IMS system
Supports Multiple Database
Easily Integrates with existing business systems such as provisioning, rating and billing systems and rapidly updates dictionaries for new and modified network elements
Manage Subscriber Profile centrally with VAS subscription Information
Flexible and Versatile Policy Management
Enables authentication of both pre-paid and post-paid mobile users based upon any number of wireless operator-defined attributes such as Mobile Station Identifier and Network Access Identifier and redirects unauthorized or malicious users to operator portals
Multiple EAP methods supported & Multi Protocol Support such as RADIUS, Diameter and SIP
Provides Real time Credit Control and Session Management
Core Session Management
IP Telephony Solutions
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