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Core Session Management
In addition to the authentication, authorization and accounting functionality required by other types of networks, WiMAX networks require the intelligence and performance to manage mobility and roaming.
EliteAAA provides a future-proof AAA solution which allows providers to easily adapt to ongoing changes in the WiMAX ecology even as they add new access networks resorting to differing standards and protocols as per their business needs. EliteAAA is fully compliant to NWG 1.3 providing robust, flexible AAA and Policy management solution for WiMAX Networks. It provides authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) through multiple authentication types, and protocols.
Intelligent AAA Proxy functionality is provided to allow service providers to manage interaction with multiple external AAA servers and roaming partners. EliteAAA enhances service provider's competitive strength; it sits at the core into the very enablement of the service. EliteAAA provides extensive mobile WiMAX support such as device authentication and mobile IP. It includes state-of-the-art reliability features and the capacity to handle thousands of RADIUS requests per second on suitable hardware.
Key Features
Pre-provisioned QoS Support
EliteAAA enables to set different QoS level policies for subscribers as per prioritization. It's Integrated Policy Engine and database helps create different types of Policy for different services for single customer profile
Flexible and versatile policy management
  EliteAAA can communicate pre-provisioned QoS parameters such as upload or download bandwidth related parameters, where the metering could be time-based or volume-based, to the network elements. It supports multiple traffic flows with specific QoS and QoS support for every subscriber session or application
Seamless Integration with Prepaid Servers
  EliteAAA seamlessly integrates with prepaid servers, allocates quota to multiple concurrent services. It supports complex rating & one time charging, also supports prepaid services in roaming network & Tariff switching based on duration and volume. Reduces revenue leakage and creates new revenues from top-up services through Hotlining or subscriber redirection.
Session & Flow Based Accounting
  EliteAAA supports both Flow based & Session based accounting needed for WiMAX. EliteAAA receives and synthesizes large volume of accounting records. An additional benefit is simultaneously support for Session based & Flow based accounting enables service providers to deploy innovative pricing schemes.
Multi Protocol & Multiple Authentication Method Support
  EliteAAA supports multiple EAP methods (EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, EAP-SIM,PEAP) for Mobile WiMAX, ensures a seamless subscriber experience while roaming. It supports Device and User Authentication via X.509 Certificates or Pre Shared Key and Intelligent Proxy based Authentication while also enables full support for Mobile IP key derivation.
Interface with Device Manager
  EliteAAA easily interfaces with Elite Device management module and communicates with software management server to upgrade firmware or software in devices.
Over the Air provisioning
  EliteAAA enables Over the Air provisioning for real time self service activation of service for nomad subscribers.
Hotline Module
  The Hot lining module supports redirection of prepaid users that have no balance in their account, or for upgrading their balance. It helps prevent excessive- & fraudulent service usage.
Captive Portal
  This module provide web authentication portal for customer self service sign up and online payment. The Captive Portal can be easily customized for customer branding and advertising.
Core Session Management
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