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Core Session Management
ELITEAAA FOR Wireline Networks
Authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) are business-critical functions within Service Provider networks. They're key to improving the subscriber experience and essential to supporting data services growth and launch of new services on data networks.
EliteAAA enables service provides offer high speed data transfer, uninterrupted session, and multiple services on same network to the subscribers. EliteAAA centrally manages the authentication of the subscribers, authorizes them for appropriate level of service, and ensures reliable accounting of their usage.
EliteAAA can integrate with 3rd Party Rating and PPS (Prepaid Server) for Real time Credit Control and Real time accounting through Rating API for Active Mediation. EliteAAA supports Parlay, EJB and Radius Protocol.
Key Features
Centralized customer profile - Management of prepaid and postpaid subscribers within common infrastructure, For postpaid it generates CDRS that are fetched by Mediation system.
IP pool management - EliteAAA provides IP Pool Management to maintain a list of used and free IP addresses
Real-time management and control of the services
Restricting the subscriber to service level
Measured by bandwidth and QoS
Limiting the number of concurrent sessions allowed
Preventing the service access for certain contents, locations or time intervals.
Proxy AAA - Proxy Forwarding based on Realm, ANI and DNIS Support
Easy Policy Configuration to match the provider’s business logic
Failover, Load-balancing, and High Availability features
QoS - Provide appropriate QoS depending upon the type of network and subscriber access preferences leading to optimum network utilization
Real Time Notifications - Receive assistance in form of real-time notifications at the right time. For example, get notified when the credit limit is about to exhaust.
Integration with leading SSSC providers - on demand services
Centralized Policy Management : Centralized Policy Control management enables operators to bind a policy to a subscriber which can be deployed across any access network that a subscriber roams to.
NGN / IMS TISPAN Ready : Elite NASS is a flexible architecture compliant to all TISPAN, IMS specifications and protocols thus providing carrier grade scalability and reliability
Access Agnostic - Support for CDMA / GSM / IP Service Provide
Seamless integration with Crestel Prepaid Billing
Balance management & Quota management
Interoperability - EliteAAA ably fits into any network environment and works with the widest variety of network access equipment, including 3Com, Alcatel Lucent, Cisco, Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia, Nortel and Redback.
Core Session Management
IP Telephony Solutions
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