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Core Session Management
EliteAAA Charging Gateway
EliteAAA-CG is gateway between two interfaces that supports communication between a standard and non standard interfaces. It supports the translation between the standard parameters and non standard parameters has capability to enable communication RADIUS interface, Diameter Interface or proprietary interface
EliteAAA-CG component provides mapping of parameter such as supporting third party gateway and third party PCRF which supports Gx Interface or for mapping of parameter between the third party Gateway and third party IN. EliteAAA-CG can perform the Diameter packet modifications based on RFC3588. EliteAAA-CG acts as Diameter translation agent. It accepts requests and route messages to other Diameter nodes and also enable modify messages to implement policy enforcement before routing Diameter messages.
EliteAAA-CG Key Features
Minimizes Time and Cost to Market
  EliteAAA-CG offers the flexibility, scalability and functionality necessary to shield OSS/BSS systems from changes in the network elements, resulting in significantly reduced time to market for new product and service offerings. It communicates with all modules, networks and systems, providers can easily enhance their systems with off-the-shelf modules, cutting down costs and ensuring quick rollouts and rapid reaction to market movements.
Builds Business Intelligence
  EliteAAA-CG unifies customer usage patterns from legacy network infrastructures, IP and mobile networks over a single platform, offering simplicity in collating data in a multi-service, multinetwork, environment. As a repository of customer track record and usage patterns, EliteAAA-CG possesses the business intelligence required to understand customer needs and define fine layers of segmentation, enabling high levels of differentiation and targeting in the competitive market place.
Flexibility and Scalability
  EliteAAA-CG's distributed architecture offers great flexibility to meet the variety of communication needs with high scalability required to meet sudden, massive upsurge in events over subscriber base running in millions. The system can be placed centrally or distributed over multiple machines or nodes at multiple locations.
Vendor Independent
  EliteAAA-CG is vendor-independent, communicating with multi vendor network elements easily.
Open Platform
  EliteAAA-CG is an open standards-based, distributed software platform that is extremely modular. Its adapter library contains many pre-built, tested and deployed adapters for integrating with service management components, enabling seamless integration with a wide array of network and business systems.

EliteAAA-CG is hardware Agnostic hardware platform enables operator with launch of new services with a hardware independent approach.
Core Session Management
IP Telephony Solutions
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